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The 2016-2017 season of ACS EIC Basketball was a true pleasure as an AD.  The hard work of our young athletes was noticed at the tournament hosted by St Mary's Catholic School in Goldsboro.  All four of our teams played well and we are all proud of their performance in the regular season and at the tournament.  Our Varsity Girls team earned second place in season play as well as second place in the tournament.  Our Junior Varsity Girls earned a remarkable undefeated first place for the season and first place as tournament champions. After a nail biting loss of their first game they came back and won the tournement. CONGRATULATIONS to all four of our teams.

We are now planning summer basketball camp for the girls.  We are trying to get at least eight girls, and more if possible, to commit to UNC team camp June 25-27 2017.  This camp develops the young ladies skills as a team as they play games and receive instruction and coaching from the UNC coaching staff and players as well as coaching staffs from other local universities.  It is also a great opportunity for our coaches to receive instruction from the staff as well.  Please use the links below for information and registration for the camp.  The cost is $285/player which includes room and board and can be paid in full or with a $50.00 with the remainder being paid per the agreement on the web site.  The forms required are below.   Registration needs to be completed on line using the registration link below.  PLEASE let me know when you have registered your athlete so I can keep track of who will be attending. For registration purposes only if needed for any of the steps, use me, Coach Tom Bonner, as coach as I will be attending to all of the administrative details.  I will assign coaches to the team.  All of the information concerning the camp is on their web site.  If you have questions please ask me.