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Since 1954

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For information, please call our school office at 252-447-3137, or email questions to

Our Mission: "Annunciation Catholic School provides our students with a foundation in the Catholic Faith and a strong academic education. We develop active citizens who live and love as Christ did. We make the world a better place. We pray. We learn. We love."



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  Name Title Group Contact
Melanie Ayo Ayo, Melanie Preschool 4 Aide and 3/4th Grade Religion Teacher
Catherine Bane Bane, Catherine Middle School Religion Teacher
Jeanne Benedict Benedict, Jeanne School Finance 252.447.3137
Anna Bragg Bragg, Anna Principal 252-447-3137
Amy Calabrese Calabrese, Amy Kindergarten Aide 252-447-3137
Carrie Castells Castells, Carrie
Kathy DeZalia DeZalia, Kathy Preschool - 5th Art Teacher
Athletic Director Director, Athletic
Brooke Elliott Elliott, Brooke Kindergarten Teacher
Lola Emerson Emerson, Lola First Grade Teacher 252-447-3137
Jody Fennell Fennell, Jody Middle School ELA Teacher 252-447-3137
Sondra Ferry Ferry, Sondra Kindergarten Aide
AnnMarie Galban Galban, AnnMarie 4/5th Grade Math and Science
Eva Glennon Glennon, Eva Middle School Art Teacher
Tsuneko LInville LInville, Tsuneko Hot Lunch Manager
Mary McCarthy McCarthy, Mary Second Grade Teacher 252-447-3137
Marissa McPike McPike, Marissa Preschool 4 Teacher
Renee Outlaw Outlaw, Renee Preschool 3 Teacher
Mary Paige Paige, Mary Afterschool Program Director
Barbara Paul Paul, Barbara 6-8th Grade Social Studies and Science Teacher
Dena Pennington Pennington, Dena Kindergarten Teacher
Rosa Perrien Perrien, Rosa School Finance
Brittany Reyes Reyes, Brittany 4/5th Grade Long Term Substitute
Lisa Riales Riales, Lisa 3rd Grade Teacher
Teresa Rodney Rodney, Teresa Parish Secretary (252)447-2112
Giselle Rykhus Rykhus, Giselle Spanish Teacher
Joy Sarisun Sarisun, Joy Office Manager 252-670-5527
Marcia Stuart Stuart, Marcia Before-school Teacher, 1st and 2nd Grade Aide
Nolan Tomboulian Tomboulian, Nolan Middle School Math Teacher and Technology Coordinator
William Upah Upah, William Pastor 252-447-2112
Dorene Van Vliet Van Vliet, Dorene 6th Grade Teacher 252-447-3137
Elainia White White, Elainia PE Teacher
Tammy Whitley Whitley, Tammy Title I Teacher