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The Annunciation School Advisory Council has many responsibilities at ACS:

The Advisory Committee:

1. Advises in implementing policies and regulations as stated in the Catholic Schools Administrator Handbook issued by the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools.

2. Relates (is responsible) to the Pastoral Council. 

3. Is responsible [relates] to the pastor who reserves the following powers:

  1.  To establish the philosophy of the organization
  2.  To amend the constitution and bylaws
  3.  To appoint the executive board of the organization
  4.  To dissolve the organization
  5.  To approve expenditures of the organization in consultation with the executive committee of the organization; and
  6.  To remove an officer who acts in a manner that hinders the operations of the organization. 4. Proposes policies that relate to the overall operation of the school to insure quality Catholic education.

5. Assists the principal in formulating the annual budget to be presented to Parish Finance Committee.

6. Gains support of various groups and publics for the school.

7. Creates better understanding of Catholic education and promote financial support for (name of school).

8. Cooperates with and supports the principal in his/her role as defined by diocesan guidelines.

9. Approves all fund raising for the school.

10. Assists the principal in evaluating the maintenance of the school facilities. The principal in turn informs the pastor.


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