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"Great school, excellent staff. Best impulse decision I've made, as we registered my first grader three days before school started in 2020. Catholic schools kept working and kept the needs of children their first priority during this epidemic." - Feb. 23, 2021

"Annunciation Catholic School made our family feel at home. ACS provides a wonderful safe space for children to develop their creativity and unique talent. The school staff is caring and inclusive, and the teachers go above and beyond to help their students learn. The first time I visited ACS, I could feel the positive, loving energy in the hallways - covered in the colorful artwork made by the students and seen in the smiles on their faces. I knew my 3 children would thrive in a school like ACS, and they did. They learned not just the ABC's and 123's of science, math, ELA, computer science, art, and music but they learned kindness, compassion, faith, stewardship, and above all, love - all the fruit of the Spirit that we know our children need to become strong, grounded Christian citizens and leaders for the future. I also highly recommend ACS for any parent who needs a caring, attentive classroom if they have a child with special needs, as I do. I chose ACS because they worked we me personally to ensure my child could feel safe and successful in the classroom. They made themselves accessible and available at all times for the concerns I had as a parent of a child with special needs. ACS is a wonderful environment for children of all abilities. As an educator and therapist, I highly recommend Annunciation Catholic School."

-Dr. Ginger Garner, Parent 2016 - 2019

"The principal greets each student by name every morning with a caring heart and kind smile. The teachers love and pray for them every day. Our children are nurtured, not just educated. Many go straight to Early College from graduation. I strongly encourage every parent to invest in their children's education and spiritual growth. The school will work with you, there is financial assistance available, if needed. The tuition helps run the school. The love of Jesus is free."

-Ms. Tanya Bates, Parent 2015-2019


Our family spent three years at ACS. Between our four kids, we had a child at almost every level from pre school through eighth grade and had the opportunity to experience most of the teachers. ACS experienced a lot of growth and change during our time there, but the constant love and deep spiritual environment were stable. I loved that we could have all of our kids in one place, that everyone knew our family and that we knew everyone. It was a comfortable three years where many lasting friendships were made. We chose ACS for the small environment, beautiful community, and high academic standards. When it became clear to us that our family needed to relocate to the Greater DC area for my husband's job, I became very nervous. I worried that our kids might not be able to keep up with the high Virginia standards that I've heard about. I also wondered how our kids would do socially transferring back to a larger public setting. I was thrilled when we moved to VA and they transitioned just fine. They not only were able to keep up with their peers, but in many cases they were ahead academically. The small class sizes and dedicated attention that they received at ACS truly helped to give them a solid foundation and a competitive edge. I also find my kids to be incredibly confident and happy people and I attribute that to the love and acceptance they received at ACS. Thanks to ACS, my children have a strong Catholic identity and a lifetime love of learning. 

-Heidi Hayes, Parent 2013-2016 

We joined the Annunciation Catholic School family in January 2012. Isabella was only 2 at the time but the school welcomed her in their new K-3 program meant for children 3 years old. The teacher, Mrs. McCloskey, does a wonderful job helping her adapt to her first experience being away from home. It did not take long for Isabella to get attached to her. Isabella immediately found her place in the classroom and made several friends. This peer interaction has been instrumental to her maturation by teaching her to share, work as part of a group and playing with others. Her personal development shows every day when she comes home and is excited to share with us what she has learned and what projects they are working on in class.  We are very happy and thankful that she is having such a positive reaction to her new learning environment. We really appreciated the warm reception for both our daughter and us the parents. The faculty of the school is very welcoming and displays a genuine interest in the individual child as well as the classroom as a whole. They took the time to explain the course for us, showed us how we could track Isabella's improvement online and answered any question we may have with our child’s progression. We felt blessed to be able to offer our child a learning environment built with the same ideals and beliefs that we had. It was apparent that the school focused on acceptance and kindness as well as offering a challenging curriculum. The teachers are quick to praise their students for their hard work and offer a guiding hand when needed. We were overwhelmed with the support of the Catholic parish for the school, students, faculty and parents. The sense of community involvement is established through the many volunteer opportunities for all members of the church and parents. We whole heartedly support and recommend this school for any parent hoping to enrich their child’s life with self – confidence, education and family values. - Mr. and Mrs. Perry 


Our son graduated from Annunciation Catholic School last May. I have to say that our association with the school has been one of the more rewarding experiences of our lives. We lovingly referred to Annunciation as the “cocoon” because it has become such a wonderful place for our kids to learn to study and pray together. Annunciation parents know that their children will have the opportunity to excel due to the many wonderful teachers that can challenge each student to become responsible for their actions.The emphasis on Religious studies will help your child become a better student as well as better becoming a better person who is capable of overcoming the many challenges of growing into adulthood. The respect that the Annunciation students show their teachers as well as each other is difficult to find in any school.The proximity of Annunciation to Cherry Point and Camp Legune has made my son more aware of the sacrifices other military families have made to protect our country. Many children in other schools grow up oblivious to the commitment of our military families. If you want your child to grow up with a strong foundation in faith, education, and respect for others, I can think of no better place than Annunciation Catholic school. Our experience there was truly a blessing. - Evelyn and Peter Du Bose 


My name is Jennie Baxley and I am an Annunciation parent.  I have lived in Havelock since 1995. My oldest child started Annunciation when we first arrived, and my youngest still goes there. I chose Annunciation at first because it was a Catholic school. What I have learned over the years is that it is much more than that. It is a community, a family. It is a place where everyone comes together. They teach the whole child, and that is not just an idea, it is a reality.  Along with your typical education, they reinforce morals, empathy, spirituality, respect, tradition, and integrity. My children have received a superior, quality education.   My oldest, Shea, is currently studying for her doctorate in Stockholm, Sweden. I fully attribute her academic ability to the strong educational base she received at Annunciation. My son, Caleb, is enrolled at Havelock High School in Honors classes. Academic success, for those of you who know Caleb, is frequently at odds with his personality. However, his strong basic skills have allowed him to recover more than once from his fits of procrastination and teenage rebelliousness.  As he matures, he is beginning to have a much greater appreciation for all the knowledge and discipline that he gained while a student at ACS.  My youngest child, Austin, is currently enrolled at ACS. She is deeply devout and it is a blessing to me that her spiritual needs are met. The smaller class sizes allow her to receive more in-depth academic instruction in class. She is able to achieve greater and more meaningful success educationally. She also excels at athletics. The programs at Annunciation allow her to participate fully in soccer, basketball and cross country. If she so chose, she could also participate in volleyball, cheerleading and golf. Each of my children is different.  Each learns differently and has different needs. Annunciation has been able to meet all of their needs, and has laid a foundation of success for each one of them. I feel very blessed that they have been able to attend school here and feel that ACS, and the Annunciation community in general , have helped me to be the best parent to my children that I possibly could. - Jennie Baxley 


I will never forget the first time I walked into ACS.  The lobby was full of bright, colorful artwork from Mrs. Glennon's art classes.  From that moment on I wanted my son to attend Annunciation.  As a high school teacher in Carteret County, I had heard positive remarks about the academics at ACS.  One comment I overheard a student at West Carteret say, “Annunciation?  That's the school where they teach grammar, right?”  Looking back at Sen's experience I can say, “Yes, it is where they teach grammar.  And much more.” Sen has acquired a solid foundation in math, science, religion, grammar, and a favorite of mine, writing.  Mrs. Parks and Mr. Fennel have done a terrific job teaching our son to write.   My fellow high school teachers talk about how important the use of 21st technologies like computers are in the classroom and yes, they are important.  My fear however is that thoughtful and effective communication has gone by the boards as our students grow up texting cryptic, fragmented communiques wrought with misspelled words to friends and family alike.  What has been lost is the ability of our students to convey substantive, detailed, and thorough verbal communications to wide audiences.  ACS has made Sen into a confident and able writer by challenging him to write essays with correct grammar usage and proper spelling.  Thank you! When considering our choice of middle schools some three years ago, the decision to send our son to ACS was made final when we learned about the sports program.  Mr. Thomas has done a phenomenal job as Athletic Director providing many outlets for students to excel outside the classroom.  ACS offers cross country and volleyball in the fall, basketball and cheer in winter, and golf and soccer in the spring.  ACS basketball has been a life altering experience for our son.  Coaches Jason Meredith and Tony Cruz have made a profound impact on him through their coaching.  Sen has taken immense pride in playing basketball for ACS.  He will dearly miss donning the Saints uniform and battling rivals like St. Peter's and St. Paul's throughout the season and especially in the March tournament.  Go Saints!! As Sen heads to high school and we look back at our decision to send him to Annunciation for middle school, the question one may ask is, “So was it worth it?  Did you make the right choice?” Without hesitation, the answer is YES. - Ted Kenneally - 2012 ACS Parent


I recently spent some time volunteering in the classrooms and around the school while home over Christmas break, and after doing so I tried to find the words to describe just how special Annunciation really is; however, I realized it is something that words simply cannot describe.  It is witnessing the special little moments, like seeing some of the middle school students high fiving and hugging the little ones as they passed each other in the hall, that shows what truly makes the Annunciation education different. Seeing moments like that and remembering my own similar experiences as an Annunciation student reminded me just how lucky I was to be able to grow up in Annunciation Catholic School. They were the best years of my life and if I could go back and do it all over again I would do it in a heartbeat.  It's been eight years since I graduated from Annunciation and as I now prepare to graduate from Meredith College, I have spent a lot of time reflecting back on all the many blessings in my life. At the top of that list is Annunciation Catholic School. I can honestly say that the lessons I learned, experiences I had, and memories I made while at that school continue to influence my life today more than anything. It's where my love for school first began and what inspired me to continue on a path that would lead me to one day becoming a teacher. From starting the day with prayer, to putting together play productions, to attending Mass every week on Fridays, everything we did, we did together as a school, and from that an everlasting bond of friendships formed.  Every kindergartener knew and looked up to every middle school student, and every middle school student took pride in helping every younger student in any way that they could. We were blessed with teachers who truly cared about our education and future, a principal that was there to help and guide us in all aspects of life, and classmates that were not just our friends, but our family.  After spending nine years of my life at Annunciation and just recently returning to volunteer, it was heartwarming to see that while students and teachers come and go, the incredible experience of faith, love and family that makes up Annunciation Catholic School will always stay the same. There is something truly special about Annunciation that you just have to experience to fully understand. - Sara Cranford 2005 ACS Graduate  


I would like to take this opportunity to recognize a special teacher that has "save the day" for my family on more than one occasion and prevented us from being tardy to work.  I must commend this teacher for her work ethic, dedication and commitment to her students and school.  This teacher always seems to shows up for work an hour early to prepare for class on the days we need her most.  Today, she jumped right into action to open the STACK room for the parents waiting.  Ms. McLaughlin, thank you for being a shining star.  My family is honored to be a part of a community of teachers and administrators that continually show extraordinary work ethics, professionalism and nurturing helping hands.  The staff's relentless commitment and loyalty is evident by the warmth that permeates from the school.  Once again, I would like to share my appreciation and thanks for letting us join your nurturing and loving community. Jennifer Shaffer  - ACS Parent


When my daughter was of school age, I was unsure about schooling in general.  As a Catholic, I was concerned that my child's Catholic identity would be challenged in a public school and I would be fighting an uphill battle trying to pass on our faith.  So I tried homeschooling and I went in circles as I tried to teach my reluctant child, and didn't get very far.  A friend pointed me to ACS and told me to take a tour, so I did.  When I walked into Annunciation Catholic School for the first time, there was no question that Christ is the center of all that is taught there.  I was hooked.  I met the most amazing teachers who took my child and taught her more than just her ABC's.  They enriched her Catholic identity.  A few years later and I now have four children who attend ACS.  My children are all challenged and made to think.  They create and explore.  They come home with exciting stories about their day and can't wait to go back the next day.  I have children with special needs, the teachers have been able to work with me to make sure that they are not left behind, and in doing so, my children have begun to shine.  My children have all grown beyond my expectations.  Their faith is taught in everything they do, from Math to Science, every moment is a teaching moment.  My son was in the first-ever 3- year-old class, and while walking out one day, he tugs on my shirt and whispers, "Mommy, I know that guy."  And I look over, and he is pointing to the crucifix on the wall in the lobby.  "That's Jesus.  He died for us and I love him for that."  There is no doubt in my mind that my children will get the best education there is.  It takes a village to raise a Catholic child and that village is the Annunciation community. Amanda Araujo - parent of four ACS students  


We chose ACS for our son when he started Pre-K last year and fell in love! Jackson enjoyed preschool to the fullest and learned so much from Mrs. DeZalia. This year in Kindergarten he has had many new and exciting experiences with Mrs. McLaughlin and his classmates. As a public school teacher, I love the fact that the class sizes are small and everyone knows one another. We have been more than happy with our experience at Annunciation Catholic School and know that Jackson is receiving an excellent education and learning valuable skills in and out of the classroom that he will take with him through his school years and beyond. Thank you to all of the wonderful teachers and volunteers for making ACS such a wonderful place for son to go to school. Jimmy and Crystal Sanders 


I want to tell everyone how much I love Annunciation School.  First of all, the building itself is warm and welcoming.  The entrance has a beautiful mural of the Annunciation.  This is complemented by the many pieces of beautiful art work on the walls that are either the work of Mrs. Glennon (the art teacher) or that of her inspired students.  Next, I have to brag about the teachers.  Each teacher is highly qualified and dedicated. Their dedication goes far beyond providing an optimal learning environment.  They are always interacting with the students at the many social and athletic events. Thus their influence as Godly people is extended beyond the classroom.  Annunciation provides an excellent education in the context of a Catholic atmosphere.   Annunciation School makes every child, along with their parents, feel like family. Martha Brown - Parent of an Annunciation Student


 Annunciation Catholic School provides a faith-based, Christ-centered education for my two sons. They are developing educational skills that will benefit them for many years to come. My husband and I are confident that our sons are receiving a high-quality education which is second to none at Annunciation because of the commitment of the teachers, staff, and parishioners who care very deeply for them.  Mrs. Carolina Paradis