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ParentsWeb and Service Hours FAQs

Creating a new ParentsWeb account

**Before you can create a ParentsWeb account, ACS must have your email address entered in our RenWeb database. Contact ACS school office to supply an email address.

  1. Go to (you can also go there from our website, )
  2. Click “Create New ParentWeb Account.” 
  3. Enter the District Code:  AC-NC
  4. Enter the email address you supplied to our school.
  5. You will then see a message "An email has been sent to (your email) with instructions for how to create a ParentsWeb login."
  6. If your email address is not currently in our system, you may request it be added by contacting the ACS school office.
  7. Once logged in, you can access student information via the Student Information tab. You can view grades, homework assignments, announcements from teachers, lunch and more. You can access other school information regarding your child on this site, as well as email the teachers directly!

RenWeb also offers an app for your mobile devices. Please note, however that not all features are available on the mobile platforms. Some features will require the use of a desktop computer.  Please contact us if you have any problems or questions.

RenWeb Home App for Phones/iPads

RenWeb Home provides access to ParentsWeb from an iPod, iPhone or iPad with the conveniences of an App.

  • Stay logged into ParentsWeb.
  • Get to your information faster.
  • Communicate with other school parents and faculty through integration with the School Directory, allowing you to Tap & Send emails or make phone calls instantly to directory listings.
  • Import student homework assignments into your iPhone Calendars.

Download the RenWeb Home App in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. If there is a problem finding RenWeb Home in your App store, open Safari and download the App from the web. Be sure you are downloading RenWeb Home.

You must have a RenWeb ParentsWeb login already set up to use the App. If you need help setting up your account for the first time, see the tab in this section on Creating a ParentsWeb Account.

Recording Parent Service Hours on RenWeb

RenWeb Home App:

  1. Log in
  2. Go to the Family section
  3. Go to Service Hours
  4. Go to the Parent Name for which you want to add service hours
  5. Select Add Service Hours at the bottom
  6. Fill in the appropriate information and select Save. *If you get an error, use only a one or two word description and try to save again. That will solve the occasional issue.
  7. To EDIT an entry just select it from the list, make changes, and select Save


  1. Log into ParentsWeb
  2. Click on the Family Information section, located on the left side of the page
  3. Click on the Parent Name for which you want to add service hours (be sure the correct name is in bold type, that is the person selected)
  4. Click on Service Hours on the upper right
  5. Fill in the fields with the appropriate information, i.e. date, description, hours, and task performed, then click Save
  6. After the information is saved the screen will return to the summary page.
  7. To enter additional hours just Click on Family Information and repeat the steps or use your browser’s “back” button to go back to the entry screen.
  8. To EDIT an entry, pull up the service hours entered for a person, click on the description or hours for the date you want to change. When it opens that entry just edit and save the new information.

Updating RenWeb -

Student/Family Data and/or Preferences, etc.

  1. Log in to RenWeb's ParentWeb.
  2. Under School Information, go to Web Forms.
  3. Click on Family Demographic Form.
  4. Scroll to Custodial Parents Form.
  5. Check all addresses and phone numbers for accuracy
  6. Update each Parent Preference.
  7. Choose yes or no to each option for the school directory.
  8. Choose yes or no to each option for Parent Alert.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Return to the main form and repeat for each Custodial Parent.

Please review and update other forms as necessary.