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Basketball Registration Form


Basketball and Cheer Season

Basketball is an Annunciation tradition, with most of our eligible students participating. Students in grades 4-8 are eligible to participate. Permission forms are available in the front office. Here are a few details which may help you start planning.

Practices will officially begin Monday, Nov. 1.

Permission forms, the athletic fee, and a current physical are all required before a student may participate.

Our practices will be limited to protect family time given the Bishop's recommendations. Please note the schedule, below. Basketball games are traditionally on Saturdays from 10am - 3pm.

From Our Handbook: SPORTS

Competitive sports are available to students in grades 4-8. The following requirements must be met in order for the student to participate:

Students must have a sports physical prior to participating.

Parents must agree to participate (carpools, concession stand or door).

Students must meet the criteria for participation in the Sports Program and other extra-curricular programs.

Students must cooperate with rules and regulations of practices and games as set up by the Principal and the Coaches and communicated to them at the start of the season.  A student may not have a D or F average and participate.  Students who wish to continue in the sport must attend mandatory homework time during a probation period to return grades to at least a C.

Sports are an extension of Annunciation Catholic School.  Athletes are held to the highest expectations for behavior and sportsmanship.  Failure to conduct themselves appropriately will result in athletes facing disciplinary action.

Coaches and the Athletic Director have the authority to handle situations and issue disciplinary action during athletic events, including practices.

Admission to all games will be $4 for adults, and $2 for children